Preview: Paraguay had good showing in the last two Cups, advancing to the second round each time.  Advancement in 2006 will likely depend on their ability to outplay either England or Sweden, two very strong sides.  The team must also forge a new identity as former goalkeeper, and the face of Paraguayan football Jose Luis Chilavert is retired now.

Much of the story for this year's Paraguay squad is it's combination of youth and experience.  "This is the future of our football," says coach Anibal Ruiz, "More than 50 percent of this squad are young enough to play at another three World Cups."  18 year old Jose Montiel will join Bayern Munich teammates Julio dos Santos and Roque Santa Cruz, as well as Werder Bremen forward Nelson Haedo Valdez.  

This youth movement hasn't stopped Ruiz from including veterans Roberto Acuna and Jose Cardozo, adding that, "You don't play football with your age or identity card."  Coach Ruiz and the Paraguayan side are fully prepared for the challenge of Group B, and are ready to play their best football.

Result: Sweden's 0-0 draw against Trinidad and Tobago presented Paraguay with a potential chance to sneak into second place behind England.  The showdown against Sweden would determine the fate of both teams, and Paraguay came within 15 minutes of advancement to the next round.