Where legal, online betting can be a great way to boost the excitement of sporting events. Betting online can be very easy and intuitive, and gives you a lot of choices as far as what kind of bets you want to make. For example, Tradesports allows you to make bets before or during every game, and they have many World Cup propositions such as tournament top goal scorer, group stage advancements, and of course World Cup winners.

Perhaps the greatest thing about
Tradesports is that you bet against other individuals instead of a sportsbook's odds. For example if you think Brazil will win their next match, you can find the best odds from someone who is betting against Brazil. Fees are very low as well, adding up to 0.4-0.8%, instead of the usual 5%. All you have to do is set up your account and fund it by credit card, check, or various forms of bank and online transfer.


Tradesports was featured on CNN.com due to their unique economic, political, and social betting propositions.  The site is popular with many Wall Street types who trade futures contracts on the strength of various financial markets as well political propositions, such as whether the next President of the United States will be a Democrat or a Republican. Tradesports also does very large volumes of betting in all major pro sports, college sports, as well as their own, full featured online poker room.