Preview: Sweden is a bit of a dark horse coming into the tournament.  Are they an elite team capable of beating the best, or just one of the many good squads present in the competition?  Coach Lars Lagerback and his men impressed with a strong campaign in 2002, besting England and Argentina in group play, and this year the Swedes look particularly menacing.  Henrik Larsson and Juventus striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic are the stars up front, while Arsenal midfielder Freddie Ljungberg showed blazing speed in the Champion's League final against Barcelona earlier this year.   

Unlike the traditional Swedish side known for a physical, defensive style, this year's squad is likely to show plenty of offensive talent and mindset.  There is even some concern that the defense could be stretched thin, especially if there are three midfielders pushing forward.  Howeve,r if the Swedes are able to capitalize on their offensive firepower, and get back in sufficient numbers on defense they could upset even the biggest favorites in the tournament

Result: Despite absence of dominant play from Ibrahimovic, Sweden showed that they can play with the best of them, especially in their 2-2 draw against England.