Preview: The smallest country participating in the World Cup will be making their first ever appearance thanks to a first place finish in the African qualifying group.  Not the most experienced or talented of teams, the Togo squad will however feature 22 year old super-prodigy Emmanuel Adebayor.  The forward has recently joined London giants Arsenal, and has already drawn the praise of French star Thierry Henry, "Manu is the type of striker who is really nice to play with."

Togo will have to overcome their recent troubles at the African Cup of Nations in order to have a good showing in Group G action.  Adebayor is incredibly mature for his age, and his world-class talent could spark the Togolese Squad.

Result: Togo had to overcome tremendous logistical difficulties just prior to their debut.  Togo managed a respectable campaign in their first ever World Cup appearance.

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